Sealed Air® Paper Packaging Systems
Offer a more profitable packaging operation

Sealed Air®, the world-wide leader in industrial packaging, applies world-class manufacturing principles to the industrial paper industry. From paper mills to paper systems, Sealed Air® has the best paper material to make your packaging operation envoronmentaly friendly and more profitable.


Capitalizing on Swiss design and engineering, the PackTiger™ system creates custom-lenth pads up to the unmatched speed of 150 per minute - the fastest in the industry - which can be used in a variety of packaging techniques, including cushioning and blocking and bracing. It features push-button operation, easy loading, and one-touch access buttons for frequently used pad configurations.

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  • PackTiger
  • PackTiger Paper Pack
  • PackTiger Vase
  • PackTiger Conveyor Sistem

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PackTiger Hybrid SystemPackTiger® Hybrid™
For both cushioning & void fill applications.

Whith inriveled flexibility and adaptability this system is the most complete paper packaging solution available today. With a touch of a button it produces either convenient void fill pads or protective paper cushions.
The secret to the strength of the PackTiger Hybrid ourput is in the unique crimping gears which forms the paper into strong supportive pads.

Sheet-Fed Innovation Means No Blades

The PackTiger® Hybrid™ system uses paper sheets instead of rolls or fan-fold media. Sheet media lets the user customize the length of the material without a blade or cutting mechanism. The sheets easily load into the front tray of the system, and a full tray can produce a substantial amount of material before needing replenishment.


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FasFil EasyFasFil® EZ™

The next revolution in void fill paper packaging

The FasFil® EZ™ paper void fill system dispenses single ply paper void fill and is perfect for small cell packing stations.

Smarter, Faster, and Easier

With the FasFil® EZ™ system your operation will run at its best and you will enjoy superior packaging output quality. The unique crimping mechanism helps you make more efficient use of packaging material by yielding more cubic feet.

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  • FasFil EZ Paper System
  • FasFil EZ paper System
  • FasFil EZ Paper System


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FasFilEZAutoFasFil® EZ AUTO™

More Choices for Better Results

The innovative new FasFil® EZ™ AUTO paper void fill system delivers a solution for small-cell packing stations. It's perfect for customers who need a packing system that improves performance, productivity, and shipping quality.

Improve Efficiency, Performance, and Sustainability

The FasFil® EZ™ Auto system lets any packaging operation run at its best. Simple footswitch operation produces continuous paper output with the press of a foot pedal and the built-in automatic cutting mechanism allows for easy release of paper. In addition, the FasFil® EZ™ Auto can run with a choice of roll stock and fanfold paper configurations — paper is available in 3 different basis weights to ensure optimal protection.

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  • FasFilEZAuto
  • FasFilEZAuto
  • FasFilEZAuto


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insight foam-in-bag systemFasFil®

Introducing the innovative, game-changing solution for packing operation of all sizes. Designed with you in mind and a variety of propeietary features, the FasFil® system is intuitive and efficient, requiring minimal training and maintenance. With three different speeds, it delivers exclusive crimped paper to best fit your packaging environment.

Unique custom options and features

FasFil® supports two material widths - 17" and 21" - available in various lenghts and basis weights. The system height is also available on three options.


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  • FasFil System
  • FasFil System
  • FasFil Paper Pack


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The Sealed Air® Advantage

  • A more profitable operation:
    With a rugged and dependable deliverance, our paper packaging systems provide an unmatched peace of mind. All systems are built to last, bringing greater uptime and requiring minimal service time.

  • Strong environmental benefits:

    • Paper materials made from 100% recycled paper can be easily reused or recycled in mixed paper strams.
    • Motor design reduces power consuption when compared with other packaging sysyems.
    • Since paper material is lofted, strong and durable, less material is required to provide "more" protection.
    • Holistic design approach generates the cost-effectiveness use of sustainable resources.



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