Sealed Air® NewAir I.B® Express

The versatile, inflatable cushioning system
for any packaging operation

The New Air I.B.® Express is the engineered make over the traditional BubbleWrap® received from Sealed Air. This versatile product is the inflatable cushioning system for any packaging operation.

This patented technology ensures fast reliable inflatable cushioning.

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Tiny Footprint, Enormous Production

The NewAir I.B.® Express inflatable cushioning system from Sealed Air quickly produces inflatable cushioning, in 12" and 24" film widths, at speeds up to 55 linear feet per minute — fast enough to keep up with the most demanding packaging operations. The small footprint and variety of batching, delivery and converting options make the NewAir I.B.® Express system the perfect fit in almost any packaging environment.

The Right Material for your Application

With the NewAir I.B.® Express system, you can customize the cushioning output. Choose between two different film widths, 12" and 24", and regular and premium film strength options.

Save Valuable Floor Space

The NewAir I.B.® Express has a compact footprint (less than 6 sq. ft.) that works well in cellular packaging environments. The compact design fits comfortably on a tabletop, or can be mounted on a table-side stand. A single film roll can equal 5,000 square feet of 1/2 inch Barrier Bubble® material, creating on-demand packaging that saves storage space and handling.

System Accessories For Every Configuration

The NewAir I.B.® Express is supported by a large array of system accessories, making it flexible enough to be used in any and every packaging operation. optional


With the optional Roll Winder attachment, the NewAir I.B.® Express system can create a 36" roll of material in under three minutes, for decentralized packaging environments.


At the touch of a footswitch, the Instasheeter™ Converting System cuts custom sheets of NewAir I.B.® material that provide excellent cushioning or blocking and bracing.


The JetStream™ Overhead Delivery System allows one NewAir I.B.® Express system to feed packaging stations, using a patented air-driven process. Ideal for high-volume, high-throughput environments.


An optional foot pedal allows the operator to easily control the flow of material.


NewAir® I.B. Express

Instasheeter™ Converting System

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