Sealed Air® Korrvu® Packaging

Excellent Product Presentation, Versatility, Space Savings, and
the Protection Your Products Require

Korrvu® packaging utilizes highly resilient low-slip-film that suspends your product in the center of the package, protecting it from damaging shock and vibration as well as maximizing your products’ visual aesthetics. Whether it’s Korrvu® Suspension, Korrvu® Retention, or Korrvu Hybrid™, Korrvu® packaging will protect your products using new revolutionary engineered packaging techniques.

  • Space Savings - Korrvu® packaging stores flat, reducing storage and warehouse space requirements. No special equipment or capital investment is required.
  • Versatile - One size fits many products. The solutions can accommodate similar products with varying shapes and help you reduce your packaging inventory.
  • Fast - Quick, cost effective and easy to use, this unique packaging is engineered to efficiently satisfy your specific packaging requirements.
  • Showcase Your Product - Korrvu® packaging’s transparent film enables your package to serve as both a protective shipper and an attractive display merchandiser.

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All-Purpose Packaging
Offer curstomers a variety of protection and presentation options:

  • Cushioning - Protect your fragile items with a Korrvu® design which safely suspends your product within the outer container away from damaging shock and vibration.
  • Surface Protection - Keep your products shielded with Korrvu® packaging’s highly resilient low-slip film, which prevents valuables from getting scratched or damaged during the shipping process.
  • Product Presentation - Along with superior protection capabilities, Korrvu® packaging’s transparent film provides customers with enticing visual appeal.

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Korrvu Suspension PackagingKorrvu® Suspension Packaging
Safeguards your valuables

Korrvu® Suspension Packaging safely suspends your product in the center of the shipping container between two layers of highly resilient low-slip film, providing consistent protection for fragile products even after repeated drops.

First-Class Flexibility - Korrvu® Suspension packaging will form to almost any unusual shape or object, allowing you to safely package even the most fragile of objects.

Korrvu® Suspension packaging is easy to use and simple to assemble. No extensive operator training is required.


At the packaging station, the frame is assembled and placed in the box to suspend the product in the center of the container.

Assembly Korrvu 1


The top window is placed over the product, completely suspending the item between two strong, flexible, low-slip films.

Assembly Korrvu 2


The box is closed, creating tension that holds the product securely between the two suspension windows, protecting it from shock.

Assembly Korrvu 3



Korrvu® Retention Packaging
Safe and Secure

Korrvu Retention PackagingKorrvu® Retention packaging provides simple and cost-effective blocking and bracing protection, showcases your products and is suitable for a wide range of applications.

  • Durable - The unique retention frame provides additional bottom cushioning for heavy and fragile objects.
  • High Definition - Korrvu® Retention packaging allows you to showcase products with excellent visibility and display.
  • Versatile - From cell-phones to dishware, the flexible retention film accommodates a wide variety of spare parts and accessories.
  • Reusable - Korrvu® Retention packaging is reusable and transparent, making it ideal for new or refurbished products.

Korrvu® Retention packaging is a versatile, economical alternative to traditional packaging.


The side flaps fold upward, loosening the film and forming an “insertion pocket” for easy product loading.

Assembly Korrvu 1a


The side flaps are folded down to tighten the retention film and hold the product securely in place.

Assembly Korrvu 2


The package can be inserted safely into the carton and is ready for shipment.

Assembly Korrvu 3a



Korrvu Hybrid™ Packaging
The Perfect Blend of Retention and Suspension

Korrvu HybridIntroducing the newest Korrvu® design that combines the benefits of both suspension and retention packaging into one new hybrid design. Korrvu Hybrid™ packaging suspends the product away from potential impact areas, like Korrvu® Suspension packaging, while securing the product firmly in place, like a Korrvu® Retention package.

  • Revolutionary Packaging - The Korrvu Hybrid™ elastomeric film is ideal for low profile items that can benefit from surface protection as well as retention hold.
  • Showcase Your Product - Korrvu Hybrid™ dual-sided transparent packaging is ideal for products that would benefit from an enhanced pack presentation.
  • Time and Money Saver - Because the Korrvu Hybrid™ packaging is a one-piece design and construction, less assembly is required, saving you valuable time and money.

Korrvu Hybrid™ Packaging combines everything you need for packaging.


The side flaps are folded upward loosening the film for easy insertion of your product.

Korrvu Hybrid 1


When the product is placed in, the flaps are folded down, which tightens the film securely around your product.

Korrvu Hybrid 2


The Hybrid™ insert can now be placed safely into the carton and is ready for shipment.

Korrvu Hybrid 3


The finished Hybrid™ design safely suspends the product within the carton away from damaging shock and vibration.

Korrvu Hybrid 4

Korrvu® with Intercept Technology™
Simple, Long-Lasting Corrosion Protection

Korrvu with Intercept TechnologyIn addition of a superior and dynamic packaging product, Korrvu® anti-corrosion packaging with Intercept Technology™ reacts and bonds with corrosive gases, creating a neutralized atmosphere that protects your product without off-gassing.

Save time over traditional methods - Traditional oil-based methods require an array of materials, five or six steps and up to 25 minutes to complete. The one-step Korrvu® with Intercept Technology™ method requires zero additional materials and takes a few seconds to secure and protect your product.


  • Long term, contamination free corrosion protection;
  • Permanent, humidity independent ESD protection;
  • No volatiles – does not outgas;
  • Safe for all metals;
  • No chemicals, safe for handlers;
  • Prevents mold and mildew;
  • Reduces rejections – keeps items pristine;
  • Qualified for 15 year storage life by European automotive association/companies.


  • No chemicals or vapors. No separate application areas or special equipment. No need for handling or disposing of hazardous cleaning solvents and chemicals;
  • Can be recycled in corrugated streams or reused;
  • Leaves no contaminates or deposits;
  • REACH / RoHS compliant.


Environmentally Sound Recycle

  • Reduce - Korrvu® packaging contains over 30% recycled content and is readily recyclable in corrugated hydrapulping operations.
  • Reuse - Korrvu® packaging is also reusable for return shipments, minimizing waste at both ends of the distribution cycle.
  • Recycle - Korrvu® packaging is curb side recyclable.


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