Instapak® Foam Family

As the leader in low-density polyurethane technology, Sealed Air has developed a variety of Instapak® foams to ensure the most cost-effective solutions to meet a wide range of packaging requirements. All formulations are CFC and HCFC-free.


Instapak® Foam: Meeting a Wide Range of Packaging Requirements.

Protective Void Fill

Protective Void Fill

Ideal for high-volume "pick and pack" operations and distribution centers, Instapak® systems deliver clean, fast, and cost-effective alternatives to conventional void fill materials.

blocking and bracing

Blocking and Bracing

When packaging rugged products, Instapak® foam can be used to prevent movement within the carton.



For products that require engineered product protection or exact product positioning, the Instapak® produces highly protective, custom fit molded cushions.


Instapak containers


Instapak® Foam Formulations


Standard Foams Uses Container Sizes (Gal.)
Instafill® Void Fill, light cushioning foam 15/55/275
Instapak® 40W All purpose high efficiency packaging 15/55/275
Instapak® 50W Semi-rigid extra-strength cushioning 15/55/275
Instapak® 75W Semi-rigid, heavy duty cushioning,
Light blocking & bracing
Instapak® Molding Foam Slow-rise molding,
heavy duty cushioning
UltraLite® Foam Low density void fill packaging 15/55/275
XtraFlex™ Foam All-purpose high efficiency foam 15/55/275


Specialty Foams Uses Container Sizes (Gal.)
FlowRite® Foam Extended-rise, mid-density foam,
resilient cushioning
GFlex® Foam High performance, low-cube cushioning,
high load-bearing
GFlex® QS Foam High performance, quick-set,
high load-bearing foam
with rapid de-mold capability
Instaflex® Foam High performance, resilient cushioning,
cushioning blocking & bracing
Instapak® Rigid 125 Blocking & bracing, floral 15/55/275
Instapak® Rigid 150 Medium blocking & bracing,
heavy-duty tree arrangements
Instapak® Rigid 200 Heavy-duty blocking & bracing 15/55/275
Instapak® RC45 Renewable content
packaging foam


Mil-Spec Foams Uses Container Sizes (Gal.)
MilFlex™ Foam Class III 55/275
MilForce™ Foam Class I, Category 1 and Category 2 55/275
These Instapak® foam formulations are capable of meeting military specifications MIL-F-83671A


Instapak® Simple™ Foams Uses Container Sizes (Gal.)
SimplyA™ Component All uses 2.5
SimplyFlex™ Foam All purpose high efficiency packaging 2.5
SimplyTuff™ Foam High performance, resilient cushioning,
cushioning blocking & bracing
These Instapak® foam formulations are only used with the Instapak® Simple™


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