If you are looking for brand or generic products, if you are in the market for environmental consious products or if you simply beleive that we should only use Green Seal products,
CORAL PACKAGING & JANITORIAL SOLUTIONS has the professional line you are looking for.

We list here some of the brands we carry:

3M Franklin Procter & Gamble
Amrep Fresh Reckitt Benkiser
Arm & Hammer Gojo Simple Green
Clorox Diversey Sky Systems
Colgate Palmolive Kimberly-Clark Time Mist
Dial Krystal TW Dymon


Bathroom Cleaners Insecticides
Carpet Care Lubricants
Cleaners/Degreasers Oven & Grill Cleaners
Disinfectants Stain Removers
Floor Sealers & Waxes Stainless Steel Cleaner
Furniture Polish Surface Disinfectants
Hand Sanitizers Window Cleaner

Janitorial Products- Chemicals

Laundry Products

laundry products

  • Bleach & Bleach Alternatives
  • Laundry Detergent - Liquid & Powder
  • Softeners
  • Stain Removers
  • Vending Machine Products

Odor Control

Odor Control products

  • Aerosol Air Sanitizer:
    Fragrances from Neutra Air (Lysol), Oust and, TimeMist.
  • Air Freshners
    Fragrances from Arm & Hammer, Febreze, Glade and, Misty.
  • Metered Deodorizer & Air Sanitizer:
    Fragrances from Bolt, Misty, Sky, SeBreeze and, TimeMist.
  • Deodorants:
    Granular & Water Soluble.
  • Fan & Gel Deodorizers:
    Fragrances from Fresh, SeBreeze and, TimeMist.
  • Odor Digesters, Counteractant and Enzymatic
  • Restroom Blocks:
    Bowl Blocks - Para and Non-Para
    Urinal Screens - Enzymatic, Para and Non-Para

How to Choose a Block Deodorant

1 - Para Block Deodorants
Air-activated, freshen the air and eliminate undesirable odors. Made from paradichlorobenzene saturated with liquid deodorants. WARNING: This product contains a chemical known to the state of California to cause cancer.

2 - Enzymatic Para Block Deodorants
Combine standard para blocks with the addition of beneficial bacteria. The bacteria release enzymes that consume the odor’s source, effectively and permanently eliminating odors. WARNING: This product contains a chemical known to the state of California to cause cancer.

3 - Non-Para Blocks Deodorants
Water-activated, blue the water, counteract odors and fight bacteria growth.
Contain NO paradichlorobenzene.

Skin Care

  • Soaps - In Bars, Bags, Foam, or Liquid - Antibacterial or Antiseptic
    Choice, Dermabrand, Dial, Franklin, Gojo, Kimberly-Clark, Lysol, Misty, Sky and, Softsoap
  • Sanitizers - In Gel, Liquid or Wipes
    Choice, Clorox, Purell and, Lysol
  • Shampoos
    Dial, Gojo and, Sky
  • Soap Dispensers

Odor Control products


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